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Department of Science and Humanities


  • To dynamically incorprate the components of Science, Humanities and Engineering to groom the students to become a professional career.
  • Mission

  • To consolidate knowledge in the basic science of Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry.
  • impart fundamental concepts in engineering and Computer Science to enable students to build a strong foundation in the respective core areas of Engineering and Technology.
  • About the Department

    The department of Science and Humanities prvide opportunity to appreciate tha value of science and recognize excellence in Engineering Education. It lays the foundation to develop engineering skills. The goal of science and humanities curriculam is to create base for technical knowledge to perform better in their respective streams of Engineering. The principal stude topics include Engineering chemistry, physics , Environmental science, engineering mechanics, Graphics and computer programming. The department of science and humanities is headed by Mr.P.Selvakumar, who has 11 years of teaching experience. The department acts as a bridge for the freshers entering into the portals of Engineeriing education. It lays emphasis on sharpening of their knowledge in Basic Science allong with laying of a strong foundation in Basic Ebgineering subjects so that they will turn out to be confident learners whrn they specialize in the senior years in their particular field of engineering and technology.


  • Physics Laboratory with Dark Room
  • Chemistry Laboratory aith Analytical and Instruments section
  • Basic Engineering Workshop with Welding
  • Lathe works
  • Engineering practice facilities.
  • Beyond Syllabus Initiatives

  • Inter-collegiate seminars, Inter and Intra-Departmental programmes.
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Speacial coaching for slow learners
  • Ethics and values Education .
  • Counselling for better performance
  • Parents meeting thrice a semester